Our Location – Find Activities Nearby

Baby Elephant is situated on a local lane off of Night Market Road. Our location is about an 800-metre walk from Night Market and 1.1km from Pub Street – but really we’re in another world!

We’re not too far from Angkor Wat either, with only 7 kilometres between us and the World Heritage site. But when you want to spend a day exploring our local neighbourhood, there are some pretty interesting things to see just right on your doorstep too.

When you walk down our little lane you will see ducklings, kittens, children and more, because we are surrounded by traditional Khmer family homes. It’s an adorable insight into local life.

There is a traditional market not too far from us called Psah Kraoum. This bustling hive of activity is most active during the morning, but is a great place for a wander any time of the day.

At the end of our little lane is a hole-in-the-wall bar called Le Tiem Sra. Run by a local Cambodian man with a background in hospitality and tourism, it offers an experience that is designed to be similar to the vibe if you were to go out for a drink in the countryside with some Cambodian farmers.. except with jazz music and delicious hors d’oeuvres!

Continue down towards the Night Market and you’ll see another curious sight – The Harbour. This pirate metal bar and tattoo studio is a great place to pop in on a lazy evening to play some of their games or catch local events such as the open mic night.

A little bit further down and if you’re in need of an espresso coffee, The Missing Socks cafe has the best coffee within walking distance of Baby Elephant. With your takeaway coffee in hand, you might like to duck across the road to visit Artisans d’Angkor. Artisans d’Angkor offers the creme de la creme of Cambodian artisania, so all artists and creative-minded folk should check it out when you visit!

If you are still feeling energetic, you can continue walking from Artisan d’Angkor to find the Siem Reap Platinum cinema, where a range of films are shown in English with Khmer subtitles every day.

If you have time, you might like to check out some of the other neighbourhoods nearby. We are quite close to the Muslim Village. We are also walking distance to Sok San Road, where you can find some of Siem Reap’s up-and-coming hotspots for eating, drinking and shopping.

Below is a map of some of the locations we have highlighted. Are we missing any? Feel free to leave your picks in the comments section.