10 Questions With Yoga Teacher & Traveller Extroardinaire Julie

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From September our Sunday yoga in Siem Reap will be held with Canadian yoga instructor and traveller Julie.

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We asked her 10 questions for you to get to know her a little bit before this weekend!

Join us for another 9.30am Yoga and Brunch Sunday this weekend!

1. What do you love about life in Siem Reap?

I came to Siem Reap for the temples, and I’ve fallen in love with the people! It’s a magical place. The Cambodians are so open-hearted and the expats I’ve met here are also very welcoming.

2. Day trip idea or your fave tourist tip in Siem Reap, including the amazing temples?
To be honest, there’s so much more I want to do in the area! To date, one of my best days out was exploring Banteay Srei, then the 1000 Lingga River and afterwards the animal sanctuary.
3. One sentence that sums up your love for yoga.
I find peace through movement and breath.
4. How can travellers benefit from yoga?

So often travellers are exhausted and thinking too much! Yoga makes space for them physically and mentally. Physically, stretching out hips, shoulders and muscles after long bus rides or plane rides is important to stay healthy. Mentally, it’s always a lot to experience new cultures, sights, sounds, so yoga is a good way to ground and get centered again. Moving your body while intentionally breathing is like pushing a big reset button in the brain! Almost everyone feels relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated after practice.

5. What can people expect from your classes?

My approach to yoga is to – go with the flow! It depends on who is in the room, what kind of energy they bring to the session and what they’d like to accomplish. In most of my classes, there is a strong focus on matching movement with breath. To me, breathing is the most important thing.

6. What’s on your bucket list?

Petra for sure – and Machu Picchu. I guess I’m intrigued by ancient civilizations. I love to imagine what people were like back then.

7. What’s your favourite plant/animal/colour/movie?

I love Freesias, all animals, violet and STAR WARS.

8. What can’t you wait to visit in Cambodia?

I’m really looking forward to exploring the coast and islands.

9. What is a cause you are passionate about?

Burning Man – maybe not a ‘cause’ but certainly a life-changing experience and community.

10. Tell us a fun fact about you!

Cambodia is the 75th country I’ve visited.

About Julie

Julie takes a holistic approach to her classes and she encourages the integration of breath with body, mind and spirit. With a strong focus on alignment and foundation, her classes deliver powerful, safe, rhythmic movements through a variety of yoga postures.

Interested in doing yoga in Siem Reap? Join us for Sunday yoga & brunch at Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel.